Dialysis Care

At HarmarVillage Care Center, an on-site dialysis center provides residents with easy access to dialysis care in any kind of weather. In order to deliver the latest in care, HarmarVillage has teamed up with one of the region’s leading dialysis providers.

Hemodialysis (often simply referred to as “dialysis”) is the process of removing toxins from the blood of a patient with acute or chronic renal (kidney) failure. Normally these toxins are removed from the blood by the kidney. When the kidney is not functioning properly, dialysis is sometimes recommended in order to allow the patient to live a longer life.

With the help of HarmarVillage’s health care staff and the latest medical technologies, many dialysis patients find that they can still lead full, active lives.

As treatment plans are implemented, the patient’s progress is continually monitored and modified.

The benefits of HarmarVillage’s Dialysis Care Program include:

• A comfortable, healthy environment
• State-of-the-art dialysis therapy, as well as other therapies to ensure the best care
• In-house medical testing and services
• We have a high nurse to patient ratio—higher than that mandated by the State of Pennsylvania
• Team approach for comprehensive care
• Dedicated, highly skilled staff
• Direct access to tertiary care facilities
• Adaptive equipment for special needs
• In-house health services for convenient medical testing and treatment
• Holistic approach to help patients achieve the highest possible quality of life
• The latest medical technologies
• Information technologies to collect, sort, and translate patient data into easy-to-read reports that enable physicians to make informed decisions for optimal care


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